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concrete effect venetian paint metallic paint master velvet travertino sandstone metallic pearl stucco venetiano venetian paint accent
Stucco Venetiano
The structural paint – Venetian Stucco – is an ideal solution for people who love antique tou..
Antique Plaster
The decorative mass – Antique Plaster – can imitate ancient proven decorative techniques to c..
Venetian Paint
Venetian Paint is an easy way to create a unique atmosphere in a given interior. Using characteri..
Venetian Paint Accent
Venetian Paint Accent is an ideal supplement to the Venetian Paint which greatly enhances paint?..
Travertine decorative plaster – means elegant wall in a stone setting. Developed based on natur..
Concrete Effect
Efekt Betonu to jednowarstwowe pokrycie dekoracyjne, przeznaczone do uzyskania betonu dekoracyjne..
Camepaper coating system turns austere wall surface into a cozy interior design where mood matter..
Structural paint provides great opportunities for aesthetic revival of the wall surface. A perfec..
Manhattan Paint
Modernity and elegance straight from Manhattan – structural paint as the method for new shape o..
Structural Paint
Structural Paint is a single layer decorative coating with a characteristic sandy structure. The ..
Master Light Finish
The structural paint – Master Light Finish – is an impressive decoration with a metallic sand..
Metallic Paint
Gold, silver, copper or graphite – Metallic Paint is a double layer coating which gives to any ..
Master Velvet
Master Velvet - dwuwarstwowe pokrycie dekoracyjne, o efekcie aksamitu Narzedzia: Paca Wenec..
metallic pearl
The decorative system – Metallic Pearl – is created by combining the Venetian Stucco structur..
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